Affiliate Program for Fintech B2B and B2C Wealth Management Platforms

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Who is a fit to be an Affiliate?

Our affiliate program is open to both individuals and businesses. Affiliate program for digital solutions applies to all of our solutions, which means we probably have something compelling for any type of investor or investment professional in your network. Because our B2B and enterprise solutions tend to start around $5000 and go up into the millions – this is a great high ticket affiliate marketing opportunity.

Who do we think is a good fit for the affiliate program?

White hat professional affiliates or influencers with some knowledge in investments or a curated audience of traders or investors

Investment professionals, directors, consultants and board members

B2B Fintech sales professionals, accountants, attorneys, trustees who make make recommendations incidental to your core offering

Product Wholesalers and internals who can add objective recommendations for allocations

Believe In What You Promote

Trust.  Faith.  Belief.  Not just words to throw around. We partner with affiliates when trust has the requisite context to flourish.

Check out the homepage on Portfolio ThinkTank and read the 22 ways we help you succeed. – or hit the button below to experience our free portfolio designer firsthand

Ways to work together

As an affiliate, we offer a few ways to work together:

Portfolio Analysis

You send us web traffic

This is a good fit for any kind of business and works for both individual investors and financial institutions. This works when you sign up and receive special links that investors and companies click on and it tracks the click and sources you as the affiliate. You can embed this link anywhere on the internet, social media or emails.

Exploring Investment or Institutional Investor

You set up meetings with prospects

This option is only available for the business to business side of things at Gravity Investments. You arrange a meeting with a prospect and we do everything else. When they sign up you get commissions on all


You must qualify to become an affiliate. Qualifying as an affiliate means you have to uphold high ethical standards and be subject to compliance oversight for any marketing to a general audience. Our team makes this process a breeze and it is mostly common sense stuff.

Become An Affiliate

Apply to Join our Affiliate Program Please fill the Form before completing your affiliate Registration. Thank you


Your personal data is never shared externally, but is used to support your customer experience &, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy


Payments and Earnings

We pay our affiliates monthly.

Yes, there is typically a minimum payout threshold that you must reach before receiving commissions. The specific threshold is $50. You can find more details in our Affiliate Agreement.

No.  As an affiliate, we do not limit or restrict your earnings.  We only limit the commission of a single deal to a maximum of $100,000 per deal. If you can successfully refer multiple fintech, banks and financial institutions there is no limit to your total income potential.

How does it work?

No.  We handle all of that.  You are welcome to participate in meetings and demo’s as you see fit.

Yes, there is typically a minimum payout threshold that you must reach before receiving commissions. The specific threshold is $50. You can find more details in our Affiliate Agreement.

By becoming an affiliate, you can:

  • Earn competitive commissions for each referred client.
  • Access promotional materials and resources to help with referrals.
  • Monitor your earnings and performance through our affiliate dashboard.

While having a website or blog can be beneficial, it’s not mandatory. You can promote our services through various online and offline channels, including social media, email marketing, networking or even from you or your team’s regular sales process.

Most sites. This includes:

  6. X (Twitter)


Also, you can embed links on microblogging sites:



In general, you can embed links on any site, but we may disavow traffic if the site is unsafe, misleading or damaging to our investors or reputation in any way.

For SAAS deals we provide our affiliates with a user-friendly dashboard where you can track your referrals, commissions, and performance metrics in real-time.   For AUM and other enterprise deals we are still building out our affiliate dashboard, but you will get monthly statements.

Getting Help

Check out our resources above and don’t be shy to call or email – we ain’t hard to find!

Yes.   Once you sign up and are approved you will be enrolled in the new affiliate training flow.

You will be emailed a support contact right after approval.

Yes.  But ads require compliance approval in advance.

Our free portfolio analyzer is a great starting point.  It is free to use and very engaging, so it breaks down barriers for investors to get started.  Once investors are armed with these new, unique and powerful insights into their investment account – they are on the path to making it better – and becoming a new client.   This way you are delivering value to your network from the very beginning.

Learn more about Gravity Investments

Gravity Investments was founded in 2000,  now celebrating our 23rd year!

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