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Portfolio (RE) Optimization

Modern a.I. Portfolio Construction Technology

Our Digital Advisory Solutions are powered by optimization and feature Gravity’s pioneering work in the science of diversification.  Our Portfolio Re-Optimization Technology raises the standard of Asset Allocation by integrating evolution into every portfolio.  Automating a portfolio without re-optimization is like a self driving car that can only turn left.

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Asset Allocation

Gsphere is a powerful digital advice platform that features Gravity’s pioneering work in the science of diversification. Portfolio Re-Optimization Technology raises the standard of asset allocation with strong analytics, onboarding proposals, backtesting, and automation.


A systematic process is good. Mean-variance optimization is better, but we think Diversification Optimization gives your investors the best chance to maximize their performance.

Free Stock Portfolio Analyzer
Stock Portfolio Analyzer

Portfolio Visualization

A picture is worth a thousand words. So tell investors what they need to learn about diversification and risk using our layered holistic portfolio view. With balance depicted as physical balance, it could not be more intuitive. It’s like a 3D MRI for your investing account.


Asset allocation is when you designate a plan to follow. Portfolio optimization is when you perform asset allocation efficiently, given the investor’s objectives. Finally, portfolio Re-Optimization is when you optimize the portfolio regularly, knowing that the markets will constantly be changing and the best portfolios change with the times. Combining diversification and re-optimization with a hint of momentum, we think there is a sweet spot that won’t chase performance, stays in tune with the market, and protects investor capital from unknown risks.

Free Portfolio Stock Analyzer
Free Portfolio Stock Analyzer


Portfolio Backtesting shows how the investment strategy performs over time. When creating custom portfolio strategies for investors, the backtest serves as a crucial proof statement.

Diversification Analytics

We patented Diversification Optimization, Diversification Visualization, and Diversification Measurement. It’s time to bring diversification to the table for all of your investor conversations. Risk, return, and diversification. And since most investors have much worse diversification than they think, you can objectively illustrate how they are positioned and what they need to do to fix it.

Backtester Stock Analyzer

Portfolio Comparisons

Portfolio Comparisons is the ultimate before and after tool. Put it on the big screen and win more HNW business. Offer a free portfolio review. Teach, visualize and practice better diversification.

Free Stock Portfolio Analyzer
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An optimal portfolio is only optimal if it is implemented. Often, we need to specify the blueprints of the portfolio strategy to ensure we don’t take on additional risk by succumbing to various concentrations. We control these concentrations and risks to help ensure a pragmatic, implementable portfolio by providing constraints: This includes minimum & maximum position contractions, threshold constraints, and group constraints by various classifications such as sector, industry, asset class, and asset type.

The Policy Tree

Our unique Policy Tree is unlike anything you’ve seen in the industry. It is a powerful rules engine that combines rules governing how a portfolio gets built, managed, and automated. It can create portfolios of almost any strategy and combines different investment sets and user preferences to create the perfect customized optimal portfolio for your investors.
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Over the last 15 years not much genuinely new has occurred in the application of Asset Allocation/optimization software. The Gsphere system brings an authentically new technology to the problem of diversification. Not only does it provide a new way to view diversification, it gives the user the power to construct portfolios of nearly any group of asset classes or individual investments and literally see how they work together. Moreover, the Gsphere software’s new conceptions and applications of risk adjustments have real world application to clients and advisors. It fully supports advisors to give better investment advice while also providing clients with superior risk adjusted returns. Add to this the transparent automation of an advisor’s routines with overall ease of use and clearly Gsphere is nothing less than a revolution in the field.
Investment Advisor

Jeremy J. Black

Founder and inventor of RAMCAP, the "intelligent asset allocator" one of the first desktop investment diversification systems; Former Adjunct professor to the College for Financial Planning; Co-Creator of one of the first "Fund of Funds" hedge funds - twice named in the top 10 by the Wall Street Journal.

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