Financial markets are transforming at a blistering pace and many attribute these changes to, “The Rise of the Machines.” Traditionally, wealth managers have held the perception that machine-based platforms are their enemy. What wealth managers want is a digital advice platform that works in unison, not in competition with them.

Gsphere, by Gravity, is the first digital advice platform that works to calculate, visualize, and help correct non-compensated portfolio risk, the portion of risk that provides no additional benefit. It also works to optimize the risk-compensated return. Gsphere is pliable enough to work with any investment strategy, asset class & type, and helps wealth managers achieve a perfect balance between optimization and weighting. In addition, the technology is capable of automatically maintaining and rebalancing any portfolio after the initial optimization and weighting process.

Gsphere is based on a unique approach called Diversification Weighting® which has been shown to materially and consistently outperform all other weighting approaches, without increasing risk. “We are using the secrets of diversification, and with this knowledge, are able to offer our financial technology to wealth managers; allowing them to realize diversification alpha in their own portfolios. This unique source of alpha embodies diversification’s risk-mitigating benefits, while at the same time eliminates portfolio redundancy and inefficient assets which adds to the overall return,” says James Damschroder, Gravity’s CEO.


“Based on our 18 year study, using diversification to better optimize a portfolio of assets creates a better performing portfolio. The demonstrated consistency, risk mitigation and higher returns that Gsphere provides, presents a strong case for institutional adoption of our financial technology” adds Gravity Executive Vice-President, John Osland.


Gravity has spent more than 15 years developing their financial technology and has transformed it into a powerful digital advice platform meeting today’s leading-edge technology requirements.

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