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What is Institutional RoboAdvisory?

Robo Advisors are a transformative industry movement. Many of the current generation of advisor will not be replaced with another advisor, but with a machine. Institutional RoboAdvisory is markedly different that Robo Advisors that compete with Advisors to serve the needs of individual investors. We partner, we do not compete. Institutional RoboAdvisory combines the benefits of systemization and automation, enabling investors to profit from others emotional trading rather than succumbing to behavioral demons.

Unlike retail-facing Robo Advisors, Gravity works collaboratively with Advisors, family offices and Institutional investors to combine the world’s best optimization science with custom strategies of any asset class, objective, constraint, filter, tilt or preference. The depth and sophistication of the platform is light years beyond the simplistic portfolios produced by retail RoboAdvisor. Gravity’s leading edge suite of analytics and diversification technology enable this complexity to reduce to powerful images, stories and measures that your clients will appreciate and your next client just might demand.

Who We Are

Gravity Capital Partners is a fiduciary. This means that we put your interest ahead of everything else, including our own.

We provide objective advice, free of conflicts of interest. We NEVER make commissions on any investments in our strategies. Our ONLY focus is executing the best possible strategies for you.

We consider our technology as a robo advisor for financial advisors. Our inventions for diversification optimization, visualization and measurement combine with a 14 year legacy of technology development and leading edge, alpha generating, research-proven techniques that are built into our portfolio technology platform. This powers our strategies and enables amazing collaborations with advisory firms to systematize, optimize and automate their strategies, managed by Gravity on a custom basis. In turn, many of these advisory firms leverage our integrated technology platform to create analytics, proposals and reports for their top clients, and provide new opportunities for business growth.

powered by gsphere portfolio diversification & visualization technologyAt the intersection of Smart Beta and the Robo Advisor, our strategies, powered by Gsphere portfolio technology, drive performance & create a differentiating platform for your success.

Financial Advisors (including RIA’s, Independent RIA’s, Hybrid RIA’s, Financial Planners, Broker Dealers, Family Offices) work with Gravity Capital Partners as their investment management partner. These partners recognize the inherent difficulty in balancing the time needed for managing investor needs and managing their investments. We offer a spectrum of client experiences from arm’s length purchase of strategies through various UMA, custodian or broker dealer platforms, to more intimate relationships for firms wanting custom strategies, co-management, overlays and distribution technologies. See Our Engagement Models

Journal of Indexes Features Diversification Weighting® in Their Commemorative Legends of Indexing Issue

Our financial product, the diversification weighted 500, and diversification-based portfolio optimization methodology are the focus as it is proven to be the top performing allocation engine in the financial industry. We can demonstrate material and consistent outperformance against all other portfolio weighting approaches without increasing portfolio risk.

Read More: Diversification-Weighted Performance Evaluation

Style Boxes

This is an all equity portfolio comprised of investments to products representing all combinations of growth, value and balanced along with small cap, mid cap and large cap. The available balance poses a threat.

Stocks and Bond

The level of balance in this portfolio is typical of the balance that can be achieved by investing in only stock funds and bond funds.

True Diversification®

Our True Diversification® process emphasizes depth of diversification by finding investments that perform independently of one another and combine to provide greater balance.


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