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Our Diversification Weighted® Exchange Traded Funds Strategies Build on the Existing Advantages of ETFs; Transparency, All Day Tradability, Lower Fees, and Systematic, Replicable Strategies.

Our ETF models cover a broad base of asset classes. This broad base of asset classes provides the opportunity set to attain greater diversification. Filtering the assets for liquidity, we then filter again ETF’s so that we use A graded Funds from Using a proprietary forecasting process, Gravity then takes the best performing funds from each of the asset classes and selects the one fund with the highest potential.

As an ETF Strategist, Gravity applies our patented Diversification Optimization™ process to these funds. This creates the most efficient combination of the top ETF’s. Our process removes the redundancy and creates a more diversified portfolio with less market risk exposure.


Our ETF core strategies make a great investment core strategy. As with all of our separately managed account strategies, we will run the strategy for you and will provide access to to help you run analytics, proposals, reports and comparisons.

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This is a globally diversified strategy and as of January 2015 has exposures listed in the table below:
Morningstar Category Allocation
 Miscellaneous Region 6.3%
 Large Blend 5.5%
 Large Value 4.9%
 Diversified Emerging Mkts 3.6%
 Large Growth 3.0%
 Natural Resources 3.0%
 Health 2.8%
 Mid-Cap Blend 2.8%
 Technology 2.8%
 Corporate Bond 2.7%
 World Stock 2.7%
 Financial 2.5%
 Equity Energy 2.4%
 Foreign Large Blend 2.3%
 Miscellaneous Sector 2.3%
 Industrials 2.2%
 Mid-Cap Value 2.2%
 Small Blend 2.0%
 Foreign Large Value 1.9%
 Intermediate-Term Bond 1.9%
 Consumer Cyclical 1.8%
 Small Value 1.8%
 World Bond 1.8%
 High Yield Bond 1.6%
 Mid-Cap Growth 1.6%
 China Region 1.5%
 Emerging Markets Bond 1.5%
 Energy Limited Partnership 1.5%
 Real Estate 1.5%
 Commodities Precious Metals 1.4%
 Europe Stock 1.4%
 Inflation-Protected Bond 1.3%
 Global Real Estate 1.1%
 Japan Stock 1.1%
 Long Government 1.1%
 Small Growth 1.1%
 Consumer Defensive 1.0%
 Preferred Stock 1.0%
 Utilities 1.0%
 Commodities Broad Basket 0.9%
 Single Currency 0.9%
 India Equity 0.8%
 Intermediate Government 0.8%
 Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk 0.8%
 World Allocation 0.8%
 Communications 0.6%
 Equity Precious Metals 0.6%
 Foreign Small/Mid Blend 0.6%
 Foreign Small/Mid Value 0.6%
 Nontraditional Bond 0.6%
 Bank Loan 0.5%
 Commodities Agriculture 0.5%
 Conservative Allocation 0.5%
 Long-Term Bond
 Diversified Pacifi
c/Asia 0.4%
 High Yield Muni 0.4%
 Latin America Stock 0.4%
 Multialternative 0.4%
 Aggressive Allocation 0.3%
 Foreign Large Growth 0.3
 Long/Short Equ
ity 0.3%
 Market Neutral 0.3%
 Moderate Allocation 0.3%
 Multicurrency 0.3%
 Volatility 0.3%
 Commodities Energy 0.1%
 Commodities Industrial Metals 0.1%
 Convertibles 0
 Managed Future
s 0.1%