Offer your own unique roboadvisor with Gsphere.
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Offer Your Own Unique Robo Advisor With Gsphere

  • Integrates with YOUR investment strategies and risk profiling.
  • Mirrors the look and feel of YOUR unique brand.
  • Opens online accounts through YOUR website (embedded).
  • Generates reports under YOUR brand.
  • Capable of generating unique 3D proposals under YOUR brand.
  • Provides private branded investment policy statements.
  • Offers fiduciary best practices; solving liabilities for uncompensated risk.
  • Tailors itself into your compliance work flow .
  • Comes with a customized lineup of automated investment strategies.

Gsphere provides the opportunity for you to create your own unique robo advisor; offering market leading capabilities. Our optimization logic produces superior performance AND integrates with ANY investment strategy. In addition, Gsphere automatically maintains that strategy.

We support custom strategies including, but not limited to: enhanced indexes, core satellite strategies, asset allocation models, and a full cadre of thematic portfolios. An advisor can select what themes they are interested in, select a risk profile, and the Gsphere Robo Advisor automatically builds the custom portfolio. The investor has a custom solution and the advisor increases their firm’s scalability, while protecting a sustainable fee margin.

Gsphere technology is the right robo advisor partner for advisors, institutions, and family offices that truly care about capital preservation and aspire for more than average performance.

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