Gravity Capital Partners is a technology based registered investment advisory firm offering unique, yet essential, services to family offices (SFO) and multi-family offices worldwide.

Tremendous wealth usually comes from concentrated sources:
  • Entrepreneurial Holdings
  • Executive Compensation
  • Pre/Post IPO Stock Concentrations
  • ESOP Concentrations
  • Illiquid and Inherited Assets
  • Land and Real Estate
  • Carried Interest

These concentrations of wealth create different needs for such investors. While other investors focus more on things such as risk or return, the overarching need for investors having a dangerously concentrated position, is to diversify away from that position with available funds.

Gravity has pioneered the science diversification. Diversification is tangible and no longer subjugate to variance estimations. Diversification can be measured and it can be optimized. Gravity will demonstrate techniques that will optimally allocate a liquid capital markets portfolio in a manner that accounts for and directly diversifies against that concentrated position.

The resulting asset allocation provides the investor a more relevant and efficient portfolio strategy, capable of being held to the highest fiduciary standards.