James founded Gravity Investments in 2000 at the age of 26. His inventions for diversification measurement, optimization, search and visualizations form the core of Gsphere, used to help about 100 clients, such as investments managers, registered investment advisors, hedge funds, allocators and fund consultants manage or advise over twenty billion dollars. This experience allowed James to architect and engineer dozens of investment processes used by diverse clients. It is James’s vision to build technology to enable the combination of the best ideas and methodologies of our clients, or other proven strategies with our best practices in essential but overlooked dimensions of any investment process, all rooted in True Diversification®. James has developed unique skills for investment managers or even financial engineers, having expertise in quantitative finance, genetic algorithms, econometrics, database design, computational geometry, data visualization and modeling, intellectual property and strategy. Prior to forming Gravity Investments, he was a floor broker at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a systems program trader and an investment advisor.

Systemic Risk and Diversification Analysis

This chart tells us that the portfolio being analyzed has a variance 60% captured in only one dimension. Minimizing the percentage of the portfolio captured in the first dimension is a routine output of our investment process and greatly reduces the susceptibility of the portfolio to system risk. We see good portfolio (made of ETF’s Mutual Funds, Asset Allocations Policies) will shed their first dimension in the 10-15% range