Gravity is a technology based registered investment advisory firm offering unique, yet essential, services to family offices (SFO) and multi-family offices worldwide.

Our 15 year old quantitative science and technology are at the confluence of ETF’s and fiduciary standards in regards to systematic, quantitative, replicable emerging manager strategies. Gravity’s technology has the inherent ability to work across all security instruments and investment strategies; allowing measurable, searchable and visual portfolio optimized diversification™ that encompasses an entire portfolio, not just select portions. This unique ability to visualize an entire portfolio’s diversification level allows Gravity to create highly effective strategies based on diversification itself. These Diversification Weighted® strategies work very well.

Gravity Investments has a performance based feature article in the December 2014 commemorative issue of the Journal of Indexes.

Gravity has a performance based feature article in the upcoming commemorative issue of the Journal of Indexes (December 2014) where our Diversification Weighted® strategies are shown to consistently outperform all other portfolio weighting approaches (since 1996). Article Preview


The flexibility and efficacy of Diversification Optimization™, combined with the demonstrated consistency, attractive risk metrics, and * total return presents a strong case for family offices (SFO) and multi-family offices to consider Diversification Weighting® as an overlay strategy, core satellite product sleeve, SMA product set or index. * No guarantees of future performance
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The Services We Currently Provide To Family Offices Include:
  • Customized Diversification Weighted® strategies
  • Systematic risk and diversification evaluation
  • Asset allocation consulting
  • Overlay strategies that fill in the gaps associated with your current asset allocation
  • Concentrated position optimization (click here)
  • Separately managed accounts
  • Private access to our patented Gsphere technology


We invite you to learn more about Gravity, our unique overlay strategy, patented technologies, product sleeves and service offerings.